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Every business faces threats of theft and vandalism. Hence, it is always a good idea to invest in a good security and surveillance system. The more assets and valuables a business holds on its premises, the stronger its surveillance and security system needs to be. Not only does it deter criminals, but the security system also provides evidence in the case of any unfortunate event.

How can the business choose a good security solution for itself?

Top security system companies suggest the following factors that need to be considered while choosing/designing a good and effective security system

  • The level of security needed and the budget it can allocate will be a good starting point when choosing an effective security system.

  • Deciding how many internal and external cameras should be installed is the next step. All key areas on the premises should be under observation. The final number will depend on the size of your property and the number of key areas that need to be monitored. Eg; entry and exit points, parking lots, store rooms, key assets’ location, etc.

  • Camera locations are also important – Not all areas need to be monitored at all times. Some areas are monitored by employees during some parts of the day. Cash registers and storage areas need to be monitored at all times. Promag Engineering is best ELV System in Doha ,Qatar , Bahrain , UAE

  • Finally to what extent should the system capture details? Today there are many advanced systems that capture people as well as objects. By using in-built analytics, these systems capture details such as license plates, thermal readings, facial recognition, etc.

Security Solutions in Doha |Qatar | Bahrain | UAE

Types of business surveillance systems
There are 2 types of surveillance systems that a business can invest in. They are
  • An analog system typically consists of a DVR and a couple of tiny, black-and-white monitors that only keep an eye on the monitor itself and not the area being watched. If your primary worry is security, analog solutions are typically more cost-effective because they don’t require internet connectivity. However, analog cameras often only capture video when motion is detected.
  • IP/network camera systems. Internet access is required for IP or network camera systems to monitor their coverage area. This kind of system can be monitored digitally – say on a computer, smartphone, or other devices. Additionally, it provides more sophisticated features including the ability to detect activity and watch over particular sections of your company based on your requirements. Since you can manage individual camera settings from a single location, IP/network camera systems are especially helpful if your facility has a lot of moving elements. As an alternative to having a single employee continuously watch all of the screens, you can have multiple employees monitor the system simultaneously. Promag is best Security Solutions in Doha |Qatar | Bahrain.

How to get the most from your surveillance system?

There are several steps that can be taken by businesses to maximize the effectiveness of their surveillance systems. Let us take a look at some of them.

  • Installing the cameras at the right location – Install cameras in high-risk locations or where the most valuable assets are stored. Businesses should identify all the key areas and should bring them under surveillance.
  • Angles and Lighting – While investing in cameras, it is also important that the areas under surveillance are well lit and make good quality recordings possible. The angle and height of camera placement and their radius are also important factors.
  • Monitoring team – The people or team who monitor the camera recordings should be given sufficient training and should know what to look out for, especially if it is a live recording.
  • Alert system and action plan – There should be clarity on what needs to be done in case of an event, what constitutes an ‘event’, and also who needs to be informed when there is a breach.
  • Support systems – For best results, along with surveillance systems, it is good to have other measures like employee access cards and entry and exit control systems to ensure maximum safety.
  • Maintenance and upgradations – Ensure that the system undergoes regular maintenance and that the equipment and software used are up-to-date.

Security Services in Doha | Qatar | Bahrain | UAE

ELV / CCTV System Installation in Doha, Qatar, UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai), Oman, and Bahrain

Promag is the best Security Services in Qatar, Bahrain, and what we deliver is a ‘The Total Surveillance Solution’ for your home and office. We install and maintain a comprehensive range of internal and external CCTV Solutions, which spans the entire spectrum of your premises from small offices to the largest industrial complexes. We have extensive experience in retail, commercial, and industrial premises and our engineers are specialists in working in hazardous areas, such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, steel mills, and other extreme environments.

Our experience predominantly focuses on installation (FOC laying and Splicing), testing, and pre-commissioning of

  • CCTV Solutions (CCTV security for home & CCTV security for offices)
  • PAGA
  • Access Control (DAC, MAC)