Substation Installation in Qatar | Bahrain | UAE

We are one of GCC’s best control system installation and E & I installation companies. We are renowned for providing the finest substation installation services in Doha, Qatar, UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai), Oman, and Bahrain. Promag is Substation Installation in Qatar, Bahrain ,UAE.

As an expert substation Installation Company, we recommend following the below nine steps successfully install any type of electrical substation:

  • Identifying the work zone

  • Preparing the site of the Substation

  • Excavation and laying the foundations

  • Grounding grid installation

  • Building the command building

  • Backfilling the foundations and substation yard

  • Assembling the Steel structures

  • Landscaping and carrying out the final inspection

Above mentioned steps have to be done perfectly to lower the voltage generated by transmission lines, This is a major challenge you are going to face in each stage.

Testing / Commissioning And Condition Monitoring
LV/MV Switchgear

Promag TS specialized experts in the installation, testing, and commissioning of the LV/MV Switchgear. We have the best project managers, construction managers, QA/QC engineers, site engineers, HSE officers, and Store Keepers.

Switchgear installation procedure includes setting up safety requirements, work sequence and methodology, handling and storage, and general panel installation procedure.

  • Complete plant electrical testing and commissioning including test like Tan delta, oil test and protection testing, Condition monitoring of electrical, mechanical, and instrument equipment.

  • Partial discharge testing

  • Vibration monitoring

Switchgear Commissioning & Maintenance

We will help you in all stages of the pre-commissioning process, from point wiring checks, function checks, and loop checks to the final handover of systems. We will help you to achieve individual requirements along with the option of choosing a preventive maintenance package designed and continued technical support for both electrical and instrumentation routines.

We undertake calibration and repair services within our laboratory; offering a complete electrical and mechanical calibration service along with switchgear testing and commissioning, switchgear maintenance and testing, installation, and providing scheduled items for 5-7 day laboratory turnaround times.

We have also proven our track record in delivering these services on-site as well.

  • Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Instrumentation and Control Design.

  • Installation, Maintenance & Inspection of Hazardous Area Instrument.

  • Pipe Fitting Process & Pneumatic (impulse lines, air headers, control valves, SOVs, analyzers, etc,.)

  • Designing and Building of Control Panel

  • Calibration & Repair and Loop check

  • Fiber Optic Networks

  • Pneumatic Systems

Electrical Inspection And Testing

While we do electrical substation installation services, we are backed with expertise in all types of electrical testing such as switchgear testing, substation testing, and even periodic inspection of electrical systems.

  • Electrical Substation

  • Electrical Designing, Installation Commissioning & Maintenance (Single 230V & three phase 400V)

  • Installation, Maintenance & Inspection of Hazardous Area Electrical

  • Installations of Small Power and Lighting

  • Distribution of LV Power

  • Installations and Relocation of Production Line and Machinery

  • Containment process (tray, ladder rack, basket tray, trunking, conduit, dado rail, etc.)

  • Sizing, Procurement & Installation of Cable

  • Glanding and Termination of Cable

  • Designing & Building of Control Panel

  • Inspection and Testing on a periodic basis