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PROMAG specializes in maintenance asset care for mechanical, electrical instrumentation, and control services.

We are among the Maintenance Service Company in Qatar , Bahrain , UAE.

Assets are the lifeblood of any business. It is what gives value to your business, enables production and profits, and overall, keeps you in business. Hence routine and regular maintenance of assets are of paramount importance. Periodic health assessments and repairs or upgrades are vital and will help you in the smooth running of operations.

A business needs routine maintenance of the following

If the above systems operate smoothly, the business can expect uninterrupted and efficient operations.

Unexpected breakdowns of critical equipment can bankrupt a business. It is possible to develop capital strategies and budget planning for the orderly replacement of equipment and infrastructure by knowing the condition and estimated life of your equipment.

PROMAG, with its authorized inspection, experienced service professionals, and specialized solutions, can guarantee the continuous integrity, safety, and performance of your electrical and control systems, mechanical systems, and instrumentation.

We are also the top contract maintenance company in Qatar, UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai), Oman, and Bahrain. We can handle the completed and end-to-end maintenance and care of your assets.

Our maintenance services are of 4 types.

  • Corrective maintenance – Corrective maintenance is done when a problem is encountered in the asset. It is done to restore the machine to its working condition. Businesses that resort to corrective maintenance may not have a routine maintenance cycle for their assets. Routine full maintenance and inspection of all assets can result in considerable downtime. Hence some businesses resort to corrective maintenance when there are signs of wear and tear or repairs required in the machine.
  • Preventive maintenance – Preventive maintenance is that which is performed at planned intervals to avoid unexpected and sudden breakdowns in assets. The advantage of preventive maintenance is that it can be scheduled at a convenient time with minimum impact on operations. When preventive maintenance is done, there is a reduced failure risk or performance degradation of the equipment.
  • Risk-based maintenance – Maintenance carried out by following a scientific system of analysis and conducting various tests to assess the health of the assets is called risk-based maintenance. Here, information regarding the performance of the machines is recorded in a regular manner and assessed to determine if maintenance is necessary. Using the same information, the asset condition and risk assessment can also be carried out and a suitable maintenance process can be designed. Machines that show abnormal values are repaired, upgraded, or replaced to ensure smooth operations.
  • Condition-based maintenance – Here the performance of all machines is compared against pre-determined parameters. Maintenance is carried out when there are indicators to suggest that the equipment is deteriorating and the failure probability is increasing. By monitoring asset health, maintenance costs are drastically reduced in the long run.

Promag Technical Services, being a multi-disciplined engineering solutions provider has the skills and expertise to deliver the full scope of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control services.

These services come as part of ongoing maintenance programs to provide full asset life cycle management, Term maintenance, and minor works for the design and construction of new facilities or the upgrade or modification works for the existing facilities.

What makes us the most dependable maintenance service company in Qatar, UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai), Oman, and Bahrain?

We have a long-term relationship with most of our clients. Hence, even with changes in management or employees, new policies, or technologies, the health of assets is continually taken care of. The best maintenance contracts are long-term ones as they help optimize asset health and performance.

We are not your competition, we are your partners. Many businesses want to keep asset maintenance as an in-house activity. But we have seen that businesses that leave this job to experts have fared better than those that do not. While we train and provide full-time support to your employees, having us take care of your assets is far more profitable as it saves you time, and effort, and guarantees uninterrupted operations.

The most important benefit of working with us is that your business benefits from our vast experience. We can analyze performance information, run tests, and accurately predict when your assets are due for maintenance or upgrade. Thus we also help you plan your capital expenses and workflow interruptions.

By partnering with us, maintenance and asset care for mechanical, electrical instrumentation, and control services are completely taken care of. Give your business the advantage of working with the best maintenance service companies in Qatar, UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai), Oman, and Bahrain.