Solar Power Installation in Qatar | Bahrain | UAE

Solar power – the energy of the future!

Solar power is generated by harnessing the energy of sunlight using solar panels. It is among the cleanest forms of energy that is renewable as well hence more sustainable. It eliminates the dependency on fossil fuels and avoids pollution.

Using solar panels for home protects from high power bills and reduces reliance on a centralized power supply. It can power up TVs, ACs, refrigerators, computers, and pretty much any devices and any number of devices without interruptions and a high power bill. Promag is Best Solar Power Installation in Doha , Qatar , Bahrain , UAE .

PROMAG ranks among the best solar power installation companies in GCC and can help identify the best solar power system for your home.

The following are the advantages of installing solar panels for homes.

  • More economical – Installing solar panels for your home can significantly reduce your monthly power bills. It is even possible to be self-sufficient and rely entirely on solar power for all your power needs at home!

  • Less strain on centralized power supply systems and the environment – If more homeowners would choose solar panels for their homes, it would greatly reduce the strain on the power grid. Solar power is also better for the environment as it is clean and renewable.

  • Increases resale value of your home – Solar panels are a good investment for your home. Just like doing regular maintenance and upkeep of your home, having solar panels can increase the value of your property.

  • Total independence – By generating your power, and being able to store it, you will have complete control and independence over your power requirements. Solar systems need minimal maintenance and are easy to use.

The solar panel calculator for calculating your solar panel needs

Rooftop solar installation requires calculating the solar panel requirement. The following are the factors that decide the number of solar panels you need.

  • Your power requirement – this depends on if you want to rely completely on solar power or use both solar and central power supply.

  • Your usable roof area – you might have a spacious roof, but what percentage of it is ideal for solar panel installation?

  • Solar panel dimensions – Solar panels are heavy and need a good support structure. So the dimension of the panel should be optimized based on if a sufficient support structure can be built.

  • Accessibility – Solar panel needs periodic cleaning. It should be easily accessible and not obstructed by trees and other structures.

Why is PROMAG among the best solar power installation providers in Doha, Qatar, UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai), Oman, and Bahrain?

PROMAG has been installing solar panels for homes successfully and giving homeowners freedom from steep monthly power bills. We are happy to help families embrace a more responsible and sustainable way of life.

So what makes us good at what we do? Why are we ranked among the best solar power installation providers in Doha, Qatar, UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai), Oman, and Bahrain?

The reasons are many. A few of them include

  • We are a full-service provider – PROMAG provides a full range of services for installing solar panels for home That includes everything from site inspection to installation to post-installation maintenance.
  • Expertise – We have experts who can design, and install the best and the most complete solar solution for your home. We do not follow a ‘one size fits all’ policy. We create custom solar plans based on the specifications of the homeowner.
  • Licensed and Insured – PROMAG carries all the necessary business licenses and insurance policies as laid down by the law. We are licensed to handle the wiring and electrical aspects of the installation.
  • Track Record and Experience – We have successfully handed over all the installation projects that we have undertaken to date. You can review our previous installations and talk to our customers to evaluate our services.
  • Warranty – We have complete faith in our workmanship and hence provide a warranty that covers all issues that can arise in case of a faulty installation.
  • Helpdesk support and training – Post installation, we can help you learn about how the system works, how to track the power generation and usage, how to maintain the battery, the panels, etc. We also have a helpdesk whom you can contact for any queries later on.

Call us today for queries related to installations and to know about the solar power price in Doha, Qatar, UAE (Abu Dhabi & Dubai), Oman, and Bahrain.